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BIRD > Bird Varieties

Bird Varieties

Listed below are the varieties of birds that we have and often bring into the store. Please contact us if you have questions regarding a specific breed you would like to purchase or know more about.

  • Finches – Zebra, Gouldian, Double Barred, Painted Firetail, Mask, Star, Cordon Bleu, Orange Breast, Red Billed Longtail, Parsons, Chestnut Breasted Mannikans, Mannikans, Parrot Finches

  • Budgies

  • Canary’s

  • Cockatiels or Quarrion

  • Ringnecks

  • Galahs

  • Quails – King and Japanese

  • Lovebirds or Peachfaces

  • Fishers

  • Masks

  • Princess

  • Lorikeets – Rainbow and Scaley Breasted