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Dog Collars

It is a great idea to have a collar on your dog, this is a the perfect place for their ID and contact details, also if you would like to use the modern “Shoo Tag’s” they would hang off the collar as well. 

When you take your dog out and about, for a walk or a ride in the car, or for a throw and retrieve session a body harness, a correction collar (chain or material), a gentle leader, a “halti”, a gentle leader harness, are just some of the great choices to keep your dog safe.  What will work and be the best choice for  you and your dog?  What length of lead is appropriate, a very short lead to keep you dog close when walking, or a long line/lead when throwing and retrieving in the park.  A huge variety of styles, shapes, colours and lengths exit.  Another great tool when walking two dogs is two dog coupler, just attach your lead the coupler and you are off and walking two dogs on one lead.