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Welcome to Pets Galore

Hi and welcome to the Pets Galore website, you can use this site to research anything to do with our pet friends, to check out what animals are in store at the moment and for sale, what animals are regularly available and you can also place a request on any animals that will be arriving in the future. 

Purchasing online is also available through the website. We have a huge product section in the online pet shop, including pets online. Within each of the five pet departments are the live animals and pets include:


aviary, indoor and hand reared


purebreds, designer combination and domestic kittens


purebreds and designer combination puppies


goldfish, Australian nativeís, tropical fish, marine fish and axolotlís or walking fish

Small Animals  

snakes, lizards, turtles, mice, rats, hermit crabs and guinea pigs

Included in the all departments are a huge variety of live animals, a list of  these varieties are in each department area on the left side of this screen.  Plus all the products that accompany these animals, their day to day needs and wants as well as different and hard to get items.  Please contact us if there is something that you are trying to find or trying to find a solution for. 

Meet your Perfect Match

Remember the key to matching the perfect pet with your family and home is asking what type of animal will match and work well in your home situation.  Then matching the personality of the individual animal to your family is the key to a perfect lifelong pet and family match.

Pets Galore a truly independent, locally owned Family Pet Store

Yes we are a truly independent pet store, therefore we can and do have a huge variety of products and pets in store. Come and visit us at 8 Hodgson Street

We can also help you if you have a question. If you would like to know anything about your pet or if you are even thinking of adding a pet to your family, just ask - we are here to help you to learn how to better look after your pets and ensure your pets are happy and healthy.