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About Us

Pet Galore was established in June 1986, we are a locally owned family business and are celebrating our 25th year in the retail pet industry during 2010-2011.  We are a full department store, meaning that we have available for sale and keep in store all animals in all of the departments.


aviary, indoor and hand reared


purebreds, designer combination and domestic kittens


purebreds and designer combination puppies


goldfish, Australian native’s, tropical fish, marine fish and axolotl’s or walking fish

Small Animals  

snakes, lizards, turtles, mice, rats, hermit crabs and guinea pigs

We also stock all pet products including enclosures, bedding, foods, dishes, chemicals, toys, medications, filtrations, testing kits, shampoos and conditioners, and a huge amount more.

Our Mission

The mission of Pets Galore is to be “Your Complete Pet Store”, with the slogan of “Our Name Says it All”, representing the huge variety of pets available for you to add to your family.  As a part of our Quality Control Program, we produce many of our products in-house to meet our high standards, these products range from small animal foods, guinea pig enclosures or cages, dog kennels, bird foods, bird nesting boxes and bird transport cages. 

Celebrating 25 years

We are celebrating our 25th year at Pets Galore and would like to invite everyone to come and celebrate with us, our Birthday party will be on the 25th June, 2011.  This will be a huge celebration and a party atmosphere.

Above all, underlying the company’s longevity in the industry is the determination of the Bourne family to have a strategy of maintaining a superior product range, of the highest quality, a friendly and knowledgeable team and a long term commitment to responsible pet ownership.