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Meet our Team


Nicole was born in Toowoomba and has always had many pets around. Nicole lives with her dogs: Charlie, Freddie, Hannah and Ivanna are Lhasa Apso's, cats: Moe Red is a red Burmese and Nelson is a Chocolate British Shorthair, and many aviary birds. Nicole’s education is a Bachlor's degree in Business, majoring in Marketing and Human Resources management. She has a Certificate IV in Companion Animal Studies and is a certified Queensland Animal Implanter. Nicole’s passion is educating people how to look after their pets better and matching the personality of pets and people/families.


Kim lives with her extended family, surrounded with many dogs and cats and is a country girl at heart.  The two loves of her life are “Diesel” and “Cougar” her and her partner's Rottweiler’s.  “Benny” is her cream Burmese, the head of the house.  Kim has been apart of the Pets Galore team for many years and has extensive knowledge for all aspects of pets and their related products.  


Emily loves to play, groom and attend to the puppies and kittens. She is great for getting to know the individual personalities of each of the puppies and kittens that are instore at any one time. "Smilie" is her nick name, come and ask Emily anything about our pets.  At home her families pets are a Golden Retriever named “Champ”, “Cocky” a handraised galah, budgies and also aquariums with goldfish and tropical fish are enjoyed by all.  

Neale and Jeanette Bourne

Neale and Jeanette Bourne – are the company directors, and even though you will not come across them instore, their lives are extremely full looking after their four German Shepherds, “Basil”, “Danja”, “Dudley’ and “Ellie”, the couple of hundred Dexter cattle and all the extra “pets” that come to join them on the farm. They are both extremely “soft” when it comes to animals and truly believe that pets are integral members of our families.