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Our fish department boasts an extensive range of live species including the Goldfish, Australian Natives and Tropical Fish from all over the world. These varieties include goldfish - both fancy and common, tropical fish, cichlids (African and American), axolotls, feeder fish, natives, prawns, crayfish, tetra's , barbs, discus , live bearers, sharks, fighters, gourami's, gobies, knife fish, elephant nose, rainbows, loaches, dwarf cichlids, catfish, corydoras , sucker mouth's, just to name a few. If there is a variety or species you are looking for please ask, if we do not keep it in store and they are available in Australia we can get them for you.


Custom Made Aquariums


Our fish stock is held in 15 metre and over 5700 litres of fresh water aquariums.  Our new aquariums that display all the fish have been custom made in Asia for us and you will notice them being installed during 2019, bring our displays out of the 90's and right up to the 2020's .  If you haven't been in a while come in and check them out.  All the freshwater aquariums are individual aquariums, this ensures that there is no cross contamination or disease transfer from one aquarium to the next.


Also, at Pets Galore you can view new aquariums and aquarium furniture in our upstairs showroom.  Filters, preparations, chemicals, medications, pumps (air and water),  toys and ornaments, gravels , backing paper, medications, heaters, foods (dried, frozen and live), lights, filter medias, filter parts and finally but not least, live plants are all displayed in store and available to take home.


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Information Sheets

Featured Fish Species




Common goldfish are actually  one of the largest species of goldfish, capable of reaching lengths over 45 centimetres and weighing up to 4.5 kilograms. Even the smallest goldfish species reach adult lengths between 10 and 18 centimetres and are best suited for 75 litre or larger aquariums, not fish bowls.

The size of your goldfish’s tank will affect its growth to an extent, but there are other factors to consider, like the fish’s diet and cleanliness of its environment. Depending on the species and above-mentioned factors, a goldfish can end up being 5 to 60cm long.


What do Goldfish Eat and How Long do They Live?
In the wild, goldfish are omnivores, eating aquatic vegetation, frogs, newts, fish eggs and insect larvae. Pet goldfish do well with goldfish foods made especially for either the indoor or the outdoor environments.  These are flakes and pelleted goldfish foods, plus the supplements of specialised foods and plants to complete the diet.


Despite the popular myth that goldfish die quite  young, goldfish are one of the longest-living fishes out there, with the oldest recorded living goldfish reaching the age of 49 years. Commonly the pet goldfish will live from 12-14 years in the optimal living environment. 


​At Pets Galore we keep a large variety of "common" and "fancy" goldfish.  Common varieties include Comets, Shubunkins, Uncoloured, Fantails, Valetails , and Nymphs.  With considering "fancy" goldfish we are referring to the varieties Black Moor's, Ryukins , Oranda 's, Telescpe eyes, Dragon eyes, Bubble eyes, Celestail eyes, Walkins , Ranchu 's, Pearlscles , Lion heads, High heads, Goose heads, and much more. For both the commons and the fancy we keep in store from tiny to large sizes.




The Siamese fighting fish, or Betta, is a vibrantly-coloured fish often seen swimming solo in brandy sniffers and ornamental vases in both the office and home.


The Betta got its name from an ancient clan of warriors, called the "Bettah." The fish were given a combatant name after the fighting fish became popular in the mid 1800's. In fact, the sport became so renowned in Thailand that the former King of Siam had it regulated and taxed! Spectators of the sport based their bets on the bravery of the fish, rather than the damage inflicted by the victor.


Now a days there is a huge variety of shapes, colours and fin structures in Betta's.  We keep a large variety in store and receive new stock regularly, come and visit and check out what's new in store.  When you are looking through the aquarium there is a male fighter in each aquarium that has a blue tag on that aquarium stating "there is a male fighter in this aquarium".  If you are looking for a particular colour and variety combination just ask we can request anything for you.


Betta's have upturned mouths and primarily feed on the water's surface. A good diet consists of a huge variety of treats, including dried, frozen and live options, such as blood-worms, brine shrimp, daphnia and tubiflex worms. Now a days there is a good variety of dry mixes made particularly for the Betta fish, these are dried flakes and pellets.  Use these as a base diet.  This combinations will improves the Betta's brilliant colouring and longevity.


Betta's, unlike other species, are not schooling fish and will fight with each other, but only the  males.  You can keep multiple females together and even with a male, just be careful as either gender can be strong willed in hormonal times. Betta's do love to have an combination of plants and ornaments to create a comfortable place to hide or have as their "spot". Aquatic caves or dense, planted corners work great in making a Betta feel safe.



Australian Natives

Keeping Australian Natives as an aquarium fish has become extremely popular.  One of the popular elements is that many species grow very quickly and then become individual "pets" in the aquarium.


Varieties that we keep in store are Archer Fish, Australian Bass, Barramundi, Butis Butis, Murray Cod, Pearch (spangled, golden and silver), Purple Spotted Gudgeons and Tandanus Catfish.  Yabbies, crayfish and marron (just a different name depending on where they are from in Australia) are available through out the year.


We do keep a local "feeder" yabbie all year round, some of the colours available are extremely striking.  We can get in any Australian natives available within Australia, just ask.  Also remember with Australian Natives they are not always available all year round, just ask what we have at any particular time.  We can also let you know when they come available.



Other Species

​At Pets Galore we keep a huge assortment of many freshwater fish in stock everyday. Families such as:



  • African Cichlids (to many to mention and varieties keep changing, ask if you would like a particular species)
  • Catfish (Sucker mouths, coryadoras and eeltail's)
  • Discus (a great mix of colours and patterns at great value prices, if there is a particular variety you would like please ask)
  • Dwarf Cichlids (Rams, Bolivian Butterfly's, Appistogramma's)
  • Gourami's (dwarf and standard's)
  • Guppies (speciality and assorted, come and check them out, there is always changing varieties in the speciality tanks)
  • Livebearer's (Sailfin Molly's, Balloon Molly's, Molly's, Platy's and Swords)
  • Shark's (Silver, Black, Rainbow (albino and black), Redtail and Siamese Flying Fox-real)
  • South American Cichlids (Oscars and then to many to mention and the variety keeps changing, just ask if there is something particular you are looking for)
  • Tetra's (Neons - all 4 varieties, Cardinals, Rummy Nose and so many more, come in and check out the huge variety.)


Please ask if there is any particular fish you are looking for, a number of fish have multi-buy's as well as club specials.




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