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Small Animal Pet Food

Pets Galore mix our own small animal pet food for mice, rats and guinea pigs. These complete foods include vitamins and minerals so you can be assured that your small animal pet is being provided with a nutritious and balanced diet.  We also keep commercially prepared pellet foods for guinea pigs, mice and rats. One brand option is Vetafarm from Australia and for guinea pigs there is the Oxbow brand sourced from America.


Hay options for Guinea Pigs


For guinea pigs to keep a well oiled digestive system, their multi chambered stomachs require hay in their diet.  We stock a locally sourced hay as well as "Timothy" and "Orchard Grass" hays from Oxbow as well as the Australian Wombaroo pellet option. If you utilise the hay options place the hay into a hay ball or holder. This will allow the hay to remain clean by avoiding urine contamination from the floor of your pets enclosure.


Fruit and Vegetables


Always remember to add fruits and vegetables to their diet everyday. The best options are apple, carrot, sweet corn and silverbeet (both the stem and the leaf), always fresh and crisp. Nowadays we also provide a great variety of additional treats for your small animals. These are excellent to use as a simple treat or as a reward when your little best friend learns a new trick or just loves to have a cuddle.

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