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14 January 2020

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We keep a variety of hand reared birds in store when available.  We, at Pets Galore, do endeavour to keep them all year round however as birds typically breed only in the spring time it can be challenging to have a large variety all year round.  We are very choosy when taking on new hand rearers, they have to qualify with the process that they undertake to bring up the babies, instead of their bird parents.


Many people that offer us hand reared birds do not qualify.  The other big consideration when it comes to hand reared birds is the personality you would like to bring into your household.  A quite, a loud, a soft, a in-between, a cheeky - we need to make sure the personality in the bird is the perfect match for your home.


The breeds of hand reared birds we bring into the store (depending on availability) throughout the year are:


Cockatoo's, Cockatiel's, Conour's, Galah's, Lorikeet's, Lovebirds, Princess, Quakers and Ringnecks.


In store today are Ringnecks.


​If we don't have any available at the time just ask and we can add you to a wait list for when the next babies arrive.

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