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Fish Tank Pumps and Filters

At Pets Galore our aquarium filters are low maintenance, reliable products that remove biological waste, debris and other particles.  The aim is to undertake biological, absorptive, mechanical and chemical filtering in your aquarium or pond.  The filters will re-create the same water conditions as the fishes natural habitats.


We offer a wide range of aquarium filters and pumps which are  easy to install and greatly  improve the well-being of your fish without inconveniencing you  in the process .  This allows you to spend more time enjoying the company of your fish and less performing tedious maintenance tasks.


Included in the fish pumps and filters are aquarium air pumps, aquarium water pumps and aquarium filters (internal, box hang on, under gravel, sponge and external canisters).  Some are listed for sale here on the site, however if they are not or you would like another brand or style, please make contact as we can help you out.

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14 January 2020

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