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All In One Cat Food

Here at Pets Galore our aim is to provide you with complete All- In-One pet foods. These make a huge difference when it comes to the health, well-being and outcomes for your feline friends. Remember to choose the option that best provides for your pets stage of life, and lifestyle needs. You will note that the prices are much lower than the recommended retail prices, we are a local family business to aim to provide the best prices possible.  Yes complete or super premium cat foods may cost more per bag however the daily cost is dramatically less.


Nutritionally Balanced Cat Food


This is achieved because the the brands of foods we provide are fully complete and balanced, you do not have to add anything, the first ingredient is true meat therefore you do not have to add meat to be the first ingredient like you need to with the basic and middle levels of cat foods. Plus with these super premium feline foods you do not need to feed any other foods or supplements or treats.


Your cats will eat a smaller amount, fill up on that smaller amount as they are truly complete foods, absorb a higher content of the food and pass less through.  You can provide extra treats, however it is not necessary and above all if you do add extra treats do not provide them on a regular or predictable basis, otherwise a habit will be created and your cat will say every morning at 5am "Where is my treat".  So mix it up with the style of treat (in a healthy option) and the timing of when you provide a treat. 


At Lib Feeding


Our kittens and cats are all raised on these super premium foods in store. We also feed our kittens and cats using an "at lib method".  This is one of the techniques that are available if all the felines the environment can eat the same foods, it's great because it's so easy.  Anyone can top up the dry food and just leave it out.  When the kittens or cats are hungry they just have a nibble, no waiting for the humans, no need to wait for a time of day, no worrying about when the next meal is coming.  So easy and straight forward for all in the household.


In-Store Club Saving


At Pets Galore we have a in store club where the prices are cheaper with each purchase. Our advertised online prices are already discounted. This applies for the Royal Canin, Taste of the Wild, Orijin, Advance and Iams cat foods. In addition to great prices, Hills Science Diet also offers a rewards program. Just add the receipts together, when you get to $250 (within a 12 month period) send them off and receive a $25 discount voucher for you next purchase.  We also provide the option that you can leave these receipts at the store and we collate them and send them off for you.  Whatever works for you! 


Our Brands include - Hills Science Diet, Iams, Orijen, Royal Canin and Taste of the Wild.

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01 January 2020

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