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Here at Pets Galore our aim is to provide you with complete All- In-One pet foods. These make a huge difference when it comes to the health, well-being and outcomes for your canine. Remember to choose the option that best provides for your pets stage of life, and lifestyle needs.  Within all the brands different protein sources are available - so if your dog has allergic to any proteins, like Chicken or Beef (the common two) we have fish only dog foods.   Also we have holistic and grain free options. 


Save with Super Premium Dog Food 


Pets Galore prices are much lower than the recommended retail prices.  Super premium dog foods may cost more per bag, however the daily cost is much less due to the smaller amount required.  Super premium dog foods are complete, you do not have to add anything, for example meats, supplements or treats as required with  lower quality dog foods.  


Giving Treats to Your Dog 


You can provide extra treats, however, if you do this regularly it can lead to bad habits with your dog looking for their treat at day at the same time.  You can avoid this by mixing up the type of  treats with a healthy option at different times of day.  Pets Galore keep a variety of healthy, low fat treats of different styles in-store.


Feeding Methods


Our puppies and dogs at Pets Galore, are all raised on super premium foods.  Food is available to the puppies 24/7 so they eat when they want. This is one technique that you may wish to use and works well if all the canines in the environment eat the same food.  The advantages of this feeding method are:


  • Anyone can top up the dry food and just leave it out.
  • When the puppies or dogs are hungry, they just have a nibble, no waiting for the humans.
  • No need to compete with other dogs at meal time.
  • No gorging.
  • No stress about when the next meal is coming.
  • Easy and straightforward for all in the household.


Pets Galore In-store Club Benefits 


​At Pets Galore we have an in-store club where the prices are reduced with each purchase. Our advertised online prices are already discounted . This applies for the Royal Canin, Eukanuba , Taste of the Wild, Orijen , and Advance dog foods. 


In addition to our in-store club pricing benefits, we also offer a Hills Science Diet rewards program. 



Proudi - We how have the whole range of Proudi in store 


In store and available is the complete and balanced range of Proudi frozen foods for dogs.  These foods are available as a complete diet or as an extra/treat to the other foods you feed your dog.  All ingredients are human grade, and formulated on a prey model raw style.  Provided in meal size proportions, so just unzip and defrost one section at a time.  Plus all Proudi are made in Queensland.

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