01 January 2020

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Our in-store stock of cats and kittens is constantly changing so please give us a call to check on current and future stock. We don't transport kittens that are purchased online until after you make contact with us to ensure that the pet you have chosen will suit your household.


Kitten Saving Program


If you are able to save $25, $50 or $100 each week or fortnight you can join this program. When you reach the amount required to adopt a kitten we will help you choose a pet that matches you and your household and you can then take the kitten or cat home. Contact us to find out more about this savings program.


If you can't do an in-store pickup we can deliver your new kitten to your home. In Toowoomba we have a airport and we can deliver the kittens to the Brisbane airport if that is required.  Also we keep in-store the PP20, PP30, PP40, PP50 and PP60 airline approved crates.

Cats and Kittens

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