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Achieving a balanced diet for your birds can be very challenging, especially if they only "like" certain seeds.  We at Pets Galore keep two groups of options for you, firstly the traditional seed mix's, as high quality mix as is possible to get in Australia and to a proven balanced mix for each bird.


For example we have a separate Canary, to Finch to Budgie as they are quite different in their make up and each birds individual dietary requirements.  The second option to provide a complete and balanced diet is the pellets - they are excellent if your bird likes to pick through seeds to find the one that they like the most and leave the rest behind.


With the pellet option (for powder for Lori's) they have to eat a balanced diet as it is the only option being provided. We keep the full range of Vetafarm pellets, Australia researched, designed and made. Always remember to provide shell grit and a calcium supplement. Plus heaps and heaps of vegetables, especially sweet corn, carrot, apple and silverbeet. These four are wonderful for your birds diet and they love getting the fresh treats every day.


In store we also keep a variety of treats, they are all healthy options that your bird will also enjoy pulling apart and eating. 


The brands of bird foods that are kept in store are:


Barastoc, Forage, Golden Cob, Joy, Passwells, Riverina, Sheps, Trill, Tropimix, Vetafarm and Woombaroo. 

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14 January 2020

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